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What are some real life incest stories?

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For a few months, my first cousin and I were hooked up. Although she is younger than me, this occurred when she was 18. For years, I've been in love with her. But I've always been too shy to do anything about it. Until one day, when I simply told her that I was head over heels in love with her. She accepted it but didn't acknowledge my feelings until we were alone one day and I asked to kiss her. She let me, then kssed me back, and we ended up making out and hanging out for a few hours. Then we started dating and had secret hookups until our other first cousin found us one day.

We weren't exactly having a good time. So, when there was a family reunion at a lake house, everyone went to the lake, but we decided to stay at the hоuse for a little while and tell them we'd see them later. We needed something quick. Remember when I said we weren't into strange things? I wasn't into cross-dressing in pantyhose and women's lingerie. As a result, we were in my room, which I shared with another male cousin. I was dressed and waiting in my bed as she was getting ready in the connected bathroom. So there I was, in my wоmen's lingerie, on the bed, when my male cousin came in because he had forgotten something. He stepped in and spotted me on my bed, his jaw dropped and he was shocked. At the same time, my female cousin in the bathroom walked out nude with a strap on, yelling, "Ready your ass," completely oblivious to the fact that there was another person in the room. My male cousin was horrified when he turned around. There was no way we could get out of there. He walked out, shut the door, and forgot what he had come to fetch, but we still had it on. No one has treated us differently or asked us about it, so I don't think he told anyone except maybe a psychologist.

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Here are a few examples:

Ashley Rinehart and her father, Daniel Rinehart

The mother of this youngster kept a very horrific narrative hidden from her daughter. One of the Rinehart sisters was able to flee and report what was going on in her household to the Harrisonville, Missouri police in the United States after several years of abuse. Ashley had already been pregnant four times from her father, three of whom she had lost. Daniel, the girls' father, had hidden all the evidence in a farm's refrigerator so that it would not be discovered.

Mackenzie Phillips' relationship with her father, John Phillips

This was a highly contentious case that was exposed to Oprah Winfrey in the middle of an interview by singer and actress Mackenzie Phillips. Phillips said that her father, musician John Phillips, had forced her to have intercourse with him while both were under the influence of drugs. The most strange aspect of the story is that the father and daughter continued their incestuous relationship once the program ended.

Nick Cameron and Danielle Heanley, his stepsister

Danielle and Nick were half-brothers who shared their mother, yet they fell in love right away when they first saw each other, so much so that he asked her to marry him three weeks after they met.

Jenny and John Deaves

Jenny and John Deaves are a father and daughter who have a special relationship. Jenny, who had been separated from her father for a long time, was reunited with him at the age of 31. Both are now in a relationship that is based on mutual consent.

Linda McMahan and her father, Bruce McMahan

The characters in this narrative were a millionaire and his daughter, who came to stay in a London hotel, and Bruce, 65, said that he and his daughter Linda, 35, were spouses. Both had never met before they fell in love; Bruce was his biological father, and they hadn't met until 1990.

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